Friday, December 28, 2012

The Ice Storm

The holidays this year found me in Meadows of Dan, Virginia at the welcoming home of my father-in-law and his caravan of cats.

A splendid time, as always, with an unexpected ice storm hitting Christmas night.

Icicles formed over every inch of the mountain, merrily twinkling with each passing breeze.  The endless miles were transformed into a gleaming ornament, brilliant in the light of day. 

A magical experience, and a truly marvelous holiday.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Newest Covet: November 11, 2012

We've all heard of convertible clothing: a coat that transforms into a vest, or a bag that transitions from a cross-body to a shoulder strap style.  But jewelry?  Typically, what you see is what you get.

Mi Asunta has changed all that with their visionary 5 piece necklace.


The interchangeable brass and sterling silver bars can be moved up and down to create countless new looks, and the mixed-metal finish matches any jewelry wardrobe - providing you with a brand new necklace every day.

While the five piece chain is currently sold out, the three piece version is available at Amazon.  Incredibly versatile, it's surely on my Christmas list this year.

Mi Asunta 5 piece necklace,

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Big, Bold Rings - The 'New' Statement Necklace

I seem to end up wearing a cocktail ring every day.  Perfect for work dresses, and so sassy with a simple t-shirt and jeans, I almost feel naked now without one - even carving a pumpkin in pjs with friends the other day called for a Rings Eclectic statement piece.

Available at any price point, these are just a few of my 2012 favorites.

Friday, November 2, 2012

I Love My...

In rain, snow, sleet and hail, I love my Melissa + Alexandre Herchcovitch lace up oxfords.

Never a huge fan of clunky galoshes, typically the sole option for inclement weather footwear, I am so excited about an all-weather shoe alternative.  100% rubber, with a non-skid bottom, these oxfords come in a multitude of color options.  And they are so comfortable.  Always a bit of a klutz, even I didn't falter tramping over wet leaf piles and slippery sidewalks this week post-Hurricane Sandy wanderings.

I scored the baby blue + ivory pair for a song on many months ago, but there are still a ton of color options available on at a discount.

Whoever said you had to sacrifice style for functionality?

Melissa + Alexandre Herchcovitch lace up rain oxfords,

Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Newest Covet: November 1, 2012

Each year when the temperature dips, I start obsessing over scarves.  This year, I'm craving BP's chunky knit infinity version.  Incredibly cozy, vintage-inspired, and oh so reminiscent of my beloved grams' crocheting projects, I'm sold on the ruby + ivory color combination.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Eat, drink and be scary!

Halloween is one of my favorite yearly events.  Having never been able to celebrate as a child of two very Christian parents, I tend to make the most out of the weeks leading up to the big day each year.

This season was no exception, and my favorite activity?  Pumpkin day!

My lovely lady friend and I, with husbands in tow, cooked up a frenzy - pumpkin bread for a plethora of delicious sandwiches, pumpkin cake, mini-pumpkin crème brûlées - and then set to work carving!

Equipped with all the right implements, 'The Shining' playing in the background, we spent hours crafting spine-chilling designs.
The results far surpassed our expectations, as we constructed a horrific zombie, a friendly bat, a fairy tale castle, and an amazingly intricate Mondrian-eque pumpkin.
Also designed by the gang - a cleverly rendered Pumpkthulu, a druid painstakingly done in relief, and an angry little pumpkin man.  Alas, as my carving skills are not up to par with the rest of the group, I proudly stuck with my castle!
A lovely, memorable and festive night - a wish I hope for you all on this spookiest of ghoulish evenings!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Living Like a Flapper

I've never been a shoe person per se.  Do I like them?  Surely.  And do I have a ton of pairs?  Well, I am a lady.  But I don't suppose I've ever really swooned over them, or felt an overwhelming need to throw down a pile of cash for a pair I just can't live without.  In fact, most of my adornments have been acquired throughout the years for less than $20.  And, by and large, they're almost all flats.
This season, it's time for me to step out of my comfort zone.  Accessible heels, brighter colors, and whimsical options abound, and, being ever the vintage enthusiast, I can't think of a better start than one of these treasures.
Seychelles is always so spot on with their designs, and this teal number is no exception.  I love the rich blue paired with such dashing, autumnal hues, and can't wait to try them with a simple wrap dress and tights.
While I do have an overwhelming number of ballet slippers, this lovely treat from Urban Outfitters is just too precious to pass up.  I 'm crazy about the deeper, rosy hue of the ribbon juxtaposed against the paler flat, and am dying to wear them with a sage colored frock and my gold and silver pocket watch necklace. 

Urban Outfitters also got it right with their swan applique flat.  These just scream fairy tale endings to me and, although they are a bit more brash than I'm used to, I have a more playful casual Friday in mind- dark skinny jeans, an oversized top, and strands and strands of pearls. 


And Ruche?  Gosh, what would I do without this website?  While I could write many a blog lauding the genius' behind my favorite online retailer, I leave you instead with these three, perfect pairs of shoes.

It's incredibly exhilarating to know jaunty takes on old-fashioned designs will truly never go out of style - and I may just get to be a modern day flapper yet! 

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Seychelles Petunia heel,
Kimchi Blue Sweetheart ankle tie skimmer,
Cooperative applique flat,
Fairy godmother cutout indie heels,
Jenny indie bow heels,
Amity bow kitten heels,

Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Newest Covet: October 13, 2012

I'll admit it.  I'm totally gaudy.  Take a gander into my closet and you'll find extravagant beading.  Rhinestones.  Ribbons.  Pearls.  Oh yes, on just about everything I own.  I even have a sweater made entirely of swirls and swirls of tiny, black buttons.  Tasteful?  Not a word in my vocabulary.

This Fall, I think I found a piece that outdoes it all - the aptly named Charm booties by BCBGeneration.
Finally - boots completely encrusted in sparkles!  Ever the rose gold devotee, I am thoroughly giddy over the bronze glitter pair.
Featuring a 2.75" heel and a round toe, they scream comfort, ever so important when tirelessly traversing New York's winding city blocks.
And even better?  They also come in black glitter for the lady who wants to try something a little bit different without being too over-the-top.
Needless to say,  though, I will be going for the gold!
Because every girl secretly wants to be Dorothy Gale at heart.
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BCBGeneration Charm booties,

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Fall Bag Steals That Won't Break The Bank

I have a confession to make.  I have an addiction.  An itch I just can't scratch.  A craving that probably won't ever be sated.

And it all started with a certain Mr. Marc Jacobs in the early 2000's.  One fateful day I saw it - the bag of my dreams.  The Baby Devon Hobo bag, to be precise.  And I fell in love.  The buttery leather.  The large, brass zipper pulls.  Tiny and sweet but with a hard, motorcycle-chic edge.

One thing led to another and, a bit later, I had my second classic Marc Jacobs Mini-Stam purse.  A  navy blue Celine doctor's bag.  A silver and gold snakeskin Rebecca Minkoff Cover carry-all.  And the list goes on.

While I'll always have an affair of the heart with Mr. Jacobs, a destitute future just ain't my thang.  And, anyway, most of these delights were milestone gifts so thoughtfully purchased by loved ones, or steals snatched up during soldes in Paris many moons ago. 

So, how do I get my fix these days?  Luckily, there are so many fabulous, affordable designs to be giddy about!

One of my favorites lately is Mod Cloth's Pretty Parlor bag.  And, boy, does it live up to its name - the juxtaposition of teal, coral and white, with dainty perforated edges and jaunty tassels - just gorgeous.  And, at under $70, and vegan to boot, it's a wonderful lady-like selection.

Another winner?  Chictopia's Color Me Happy Nila Anthony purse.  I love Nila's irreverent designs, and this gem is no exception - a frenetic, modern take on a classic chain strap style, with black and white stripes competing against splashes of pink and blue.  Bold, fun, and such a keeper at only $38!

I am also loving the Fossil vintage re-issue cross body bags.  While they come in a number of colors and fabrics, I am obsessed with this rich brown, woven style.  The chunky key is quaint, and the size of the bag makes it a perfect everyday option.  A bit pricier than my other finds at $142, but other patterns are as low as $125.  For a timeless, leather piece you will have for ages, you simply can't go wrong.

But my absolute favorite steal?  Asos' Scallop Edge Across Body Satchel in lilac.  I scooped this one up in the Spring as a substitute for See by Chloe's Poya Scalloped Doctor's bag, which I had, of course, been stalking online for ages.  At less than $35, it is a darn good knockoff and, as always, I love Asos' free shipping/return policy.  After many months of use, I still adore it - and Bones even so sweetly surprised me with the real deal in baby blue for my 30th birthday!  While my bag is sadly no longer available on the site, Asos always features trendy, stylish and (dare I say?) cheap accessories that fit any budget.

Remember, there are scads of spot-on designer inspired selections out there alongside original, eye-catching options.  Which just means that instead of that real Marc Jacobs bag that costs you a few weeks salary...well, you can have a different bag to match all your outfits instead!

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Parlor Pretty bag,
Color Me Happy bag,
Fossil Vintage Re-Issue bag,
Scallop Edge across body satchel,
See By Chloe's Poya scalloped doctor's bag,

Monday, September 24, 2012

The One Accessory You Need This Fall

Fall has announced itself again, my favorite of all the seasons.  The leaves crackling and crunching underfoot, horror movies, pumpkin beer, and that smell in the air - you know which one I mean.  That crisp, promising scent of all that the upcoming months have to offer as the year winds down with a festive bang.  And it's also a time to ponder our wardrobes - what do we have?  What do we need?  And, most importantly, how can we update our look without spending an arm and a leg?

The single most important piece during these chillier months is a coat.  Not only does it keep you toasty as you trek from Union Square's Christmas market to Max Brenner for some revitalizing hot cocoa, it is also the one item absolutely everyone sees.

I am fortunate enough through a little thrift shopping luck, some lovely gifts, and a few splurges to have a bunch of different coats for varied occasions.  Upcoming wedding?  I have a sleek, sophisticated number right at hand.  A museum foray?  Let's throw on a belted, plaid, fur collared dream.  While I don't really have one 'classic,' amazing piece that will last me throughout the years (mainly because I can never see spending $500 and up on a coat, no matter the longevity), most people do, investing in a great trench or a deliciously warm peacoat to see them through the years.  But who says they can't stand to use a little updating?

Well, this year, I decided to snazz things up by selecting a fun, faux fur collar for some instant vintage nostalgia.  Because I want fur collars.  On ALL my jackets.

There are a number of different collars available at all kinds of price points on the Internet.  After much perusal, I ended up choosing one I thought was super affordable, but that I hoped didn't feel coarse or, well, look cheap.

Pieces Fane Faux Fur Collar  fit the bill perfectly.  I love how large it is compared to some of the other options out there.  It also looked so plush and soft, not like other inexpensive alternatives that end up making you itch all day long.


I selected the black, as I've found in the past that black faux fur always looks a bit more high-end than colored varieties, and hoped for the best!

At $17.25, I most certainly did not go wrong.  The collar goes with virtually every coat in my closet.  It looks fantastic with a loose fitting utility jacket I have, as shown on the model above.  That perfect red trench from an earlier post?  Equally smashing.  And a grey leather jacket?  Instant update!

And for someone looking to walk on the wild side just a wee bit more?

This oversized lapel design would certainly do the trick.

With a white/grey/brown finish, it is incredibly versatile, and I adore how voluminous it is.  At $37.94, it's twice the price of my treasured acquisition, but so completely worth it.

So be daring, be adventurous, and don't be afraid to mix things up this season - the smallest switch-up can completely change a beloved coat to a fresh piece you're really excited about wearing again.

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Pieces Fane faux fur collar,
Faux Fur lapel collar,

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Miami Fashion, Redefined

I am a city girl. Instead of lounging on a beach, my trips are most often marked by hours spent at a local Impressionist museum. And I pack accordingly – pretty dresses, flats for tons of walking, chic jewelry, a unique bag, and a scarf or two. Identical to my normal New York City style, really.

As such, I didn’t quite know what to expect of Miami, a trip planned with a bunch of fun ladies to celebrate one’s impending nuptials. What initially came to mind? Lots of gold. Of course skin baring outfits. And BRIGHT colors. So bright, it hurts your eyes, bright. Fluorescent bright. Crazy neon bright.

And I so can’t do neon.

So what to pack? I was flummoxed. My lovely friend came over, God bless her, to help edit my existing wardrobe a bit (or, as I like to call it, dress-up time with a glass of wine).

And what we came up with WORKED.

A lot of pieces I already owned – a tight black Victoria’s Secret dress with a bombshell bra handily built in (see me, third from the left - accessorized with a ModCloth gold and pink sequin bag and gold Payless wedges). A festive peplum halter dress, also from Victoria’s Secret. And anything and everything paired with a sweet pair of Seychelle’s gold glitter kitten heels, previously acquired from - they go with IT ALL.

To fill in some gaps, I did acquire a few new pieces that proved perfect.

A Forever 21 pink peacock print dress was mailed to me post-haste - swingy and flirty, I paired it with a lacy black F21 bra and Mia's Orchestra tie-up gladiator sandals in stone.  With hot pink lips and nails to boot (Revlon's Just Bitten Kissable Lip Balm in Sweetheart is my new very favorite lipstain), I was up for anything.  And a moment I'll never forget in said dress?  Dancing on a table (sober, I might add!) with confetti raining down from the heavens and sparklers everywhere, outrunning the night with my loves.

Similarly, Forever 21's Triangle Drawstring Dress in black was an exceptional travel piece.

Paired with the same gladiators, I felt comfortable without having to resort to dull sweatpants.  And, although I wouldn't normally wear it with this outfit, my red tasselled Melie Bianco satchel was a great, upscale beach bag alternative in a more wearable color for me.

Another revelation?  Anything that seemed too ‘tame’ was instantly updated by gold. Lots and lots of gold. A big, gold necklace draped over a Victoria’s Secret bikini with a chunky gold ring. Or over a cover up with gold wedge sandals. Accompanying the Victoria’s Secret little black dress. It was instantly classic, chic, fun – MIAMI.

So, the best things I took away from this trip?  Well, for starters, always look in your own closet first before going on a vacation outfit rampage.  When you actually analyze the things you do have, you invariably realize you don't need to scoop up as many pieces after all (and side note, ladies: why do we feel this burning ache, anyway, to buy a ton of new clothes for trips to cities where people have never even seen our everyday outfits?  Hmmm.). 

Secondly - Bling.Updates.Everything.  Seriously.  Put a crazy pendant on with any plain old thing, and you've got yourself an outfit.

Also notable: you can't judge a town by it's purported fashion.  All the notions we had pre-trip of everyone in hot pink minis?  Yeah, no one dresses like that.

And most importantly?  Fashion is fleeting and ever changing - but time spent with wonderful, lifelong friends?  Well, it's just indispensable.

(Special thanks to my dear friend, Jen, for letting me use oodles of pics.  And yay to my friend, Christine, the soon-to-be special bride!).

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Black bombshell dress,
Gold  + pink sequin bag,
Gold wedges,
Peplum halter dress,
Seychelles gold glitter kitten heels,
Peacock print dress,
Black lace bra,
Gladiator shoes,
Triangle drawstring dress,
Melie Bianco bag,
Necklace, gift

Friday, July 6, 2012

Summer Eye Candy: Focus on Eye Shadow

I am a thrifty lady.  We all know this.  But the one purchase I tend not to scrimp on is makeup.  Drugstore finds in the past just haven't really floated my boat; yeah, they 'work' - but the eyeshadow invariably fades faster, the mascara tends to lengthen just a little bit less, the lipstain wears out just a smidge sooner.

In that spirit of reluctance, I went to my friendly neighborhood drugstore yesterday to try to scoop up a cheap mascara for an impending trip to Miami (the last time I tried to carry on a bag, airport security snatched away my pricier makeup, and didn't even acknowledge my "But they're expensive!" pleas).  While I ended up selecting Maybelline Falsies Flared (not yet tried; it's staying in the packaging until I get to Florida to avoid said makeup plundering), I did find an amazing eye shadow quad - Maybelline's Eye Studio Eyeshadow in Irresistibly Ivy.

I couldn't resist the gorgeous colors - a shimmery champagne, copper, teal and bronze - and at just over $9, I thought, well, why not?

Although I'm not too big on makeup for work, I gleefully pulled out my new purchase this morning to give it a whirl.  And I wasn't disappointed.

The shadow is so rich, with a deepness I don't usually associate with drugstore finds.  There's just the right amount of glitter; it shines without being garish.  And, ever a fan of teal + orange lately, I swooned over the color pairings.

Eight hours later, the look is still vivid (I used just a dab of Benefit's Stay Don't Stray primer first).  I don't need to reapply before my lady dinner date tonight, and, since the pigments are so intense, I only needed to dab a small amount on, with a little finger blending for that perfect smudge.

The verdict:  The colors are on point for all the fun we're sure to have in Miami.  And the application is so quick and easy that it'll be a blessing for my ever-frenzied pre-commuting morning ritual. 

So, off to a lovely bachelorette this week!  And, hopefully, more frequent posts upon my return!  This summer has been a flurry of trip planning, weddings, summer shenanigans and 30th birthday chaos (that's right - the Big 3-0!), but I'm bursting with shopping + present finds.  And be sure to check back for an exciting venture that's been in the works the past few months that you're sure to adore!  I'm really thrilled about it, and I know you will be too.

Have a ball, and stay oh so cool in the meantime!

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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Summer Eye Candy: Focus on Forever 21

I am a firm believer that accessories make an outfit.  A plain, old tee and jeans can be completely transformed by a statement necklace and fun shoes.  And what better way to update your seasonal look on a budget than scooping up some of-the-moment pieces for less?

My go-to is always Forever 21.  For every major jewelry trend, F21 has their own version - and it's guaranteed to be stupid cheap.  The online site is the only way to go, as their stores tend to be a disorganized hodgepodge reflecting only a fraction of their website's wares.

Some items I snagged to bring my 2012 summer wardrobe up to date?

I love, love, love the look of the tribal bib necklace - the level of detail on each charm is sick, and I'm really excited to try a shorter necklace since most of my pieces are 30+ inches.

I also love the shattered cuff since I still get very weird about wearing gold and silver together (it always seems like a faux pas to old-fashioned me, like the other now-appropriate fashion combination of black and brown).  I scooped up two that I plan to wear stacked on one wrist, and will mix metals, too, in my ring/earring choices.

One of my favorite pieces?  The chain necklace with pearls.  I debated this one for a bit due to the almost $13 price tag (still affordable, but, really, Forever 21?), and absolutely adore it in person.  I already got to try it out with a black, batwing Dries Van Noten tee (thank you, Beacon's Closet), fuchsia skinny jeans, and a moonstone Rings Eclectic piece, and it totally tied the look together - edgy + sweet.

And who doesn't love a cheery, yellow necklace?

Still on my radar? These two filigree clamper bracelets.  Rhinestone encrusted items can be hit or miss, but these seem just too perfect to pass up.

Forever 21 is just one of my many online haunts - where do you find the best accessory scores?

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Pointed tribal bib necklace,
Marbled bead necklace,
Shattered cuff, Forever
Chains & pearlescent necklace,
Filigree hinge bracelet,
Filigree pearlescent hinge bracelet,