Friday, July 6, 2012

Summer Eye Candy: Focus on Eye Shadow

I am a thrifty lady.  We all know this.  But the one purchase I tend not to scrimp on is makeup.  Drugstore finds in the past just haven't really floated my boat; yeah, they 'work' - but the eyeshadow invariably fades faster, the mascara tends to lengthen just a little bit less, the lipstain wears out just a smidge sooner.

In that spirit of reluctance, I went to my friendly neighborhood drugstore yesterday to try to scoop up a cheap mascara for an impending trip to Miami (the last time I tried to carry on a bag, airport security snatched away my pricier makeup, and didn't even acknowledge my "But they're expensive!" pleas).  While I ended up selecting Maybelline Falsies Flared (not yet tried; it's staying in the packaging until I get to Florida to avoid said makeup plundering), I did find an amazing eye shadow quad - Maybelline's Eye Studio Eyeshadow in Irresistibly Ivy.

I couldn't resist the gorgeous colors - a shimmery champagne, copper, teal and bronze - and at just over $9, I thought, well, why not?

Although I'm not too big on makeup for work, I gleefully pulled out my new purchase this morning to give it a whirl.  And I wasn't disappointed.

The shadow is so rich, with a deepness I don't usually associate with drugstore finds.  There's just the right amount of glitter; it shines without being garish.  And, ever a fan of teal + orange lately, I swooned over the color pairings.

Eight hours later, the look is still vivid (I used just a dab of Benefit's Stay Don't Stray primer first).  I don't need to reapply before my lady dinner date tonight, and, since the pigments are so intense, I only needed to dab a small amount on, with a little finger blending for that perfect smudge.

The verdict:  The colors are on point for all the fun we're sure to have in Miami.  And the application is so quick and easy that it'll be a blessing for my ever-frenzied pre-commuting morning ritual. 

So, off to a lovely bachelorette this week!  And, hopefully, more frequent posts upon my return!  This summer has been a flurry of trip planning, weddings, summer shenanigans and 30th birthday chaos (that's right - the Big 3-0!), but I'm bursting with shopping + present finds.  And be sure to check back for an exciting venture that's been in the works the past few months that you're sure to adore!  I'm really thrilled about it, and I know you will be too.

Have a ball, and stay oh so cool in the meantime!

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