Monday, September 24, 2012

The One Accessory You Need This Fall

Fall has announced itself again, my favorite of all the seasons.  The leaves crackling and crunching underfoot, horror movies, pumpkin beer, and that smell in the air - you know which one I mean.  That crisp, promising scent of all that the upcoming months have to offer as the year winds down with a festive bang.  And it's also a time to ponder our wardrobes - what do we have?  What do we need?  And, most importantly, how can we update our look without spending an arm and a leg?

The single most important piece during these chillier months is a coat.  Not only does it keep you toasty as you trek from Union Square's Christmas market to Max Brenner for some revitalizing hot cocoa, it is also the one item absolutely everyone sees.

I am fortunate enough through a little thrift shopping luck, some lovely gifts, and a few splurges to have a bunch of different coats for varied occasions.  Upcoming wedding?  I have a sleek, sophisticated number right at hand.  A museum foray?  Let's throw on a belted, plaid, fur collared dream.  While I don't really have one 'classic,' amazing piece that will last me throughout the years (mainly because I can never see spending $500 and up on a coat, no matter the longevity), most people do, investing in a great trench or a deliciously warm peacoat to see them through the years.  But who says they can't stand to use a little updating?

Well, this year, I decided to snazz things up by selecting a fun, faux fur collar for some instant vintage nostalgia.  Because I want fur collars.  On ALL my jackets.

There are a number of different collars available at all kinds of price points on the Internet.  After much perusal, I ended up choosing one I thought was super affordable, but that I hoped didn't feel coarse or, well, look cheap.

Pieces Fane Faux Fur Collar  fit the bill perfectly.  I love how large it is compared to some of the other options out there.  It also looked so plush and soft, not like other inexpensive alternatives that end up making you itch all day long.


I selected the black, as I've found in the past that black faux fur always looks a bit more high-end than colored varieties, and hoped for the best!

At $17.25, I most certainly did not go wrong.  The collar goes with virtually every coat in my closet.  It looks fantastic with a loose fitting utility jacket I have, as shown on the model above.  That perfect red trench from an earlier post?  Equally smashing.  And a grey leather jacket?  Instant update!

And for someone looking to walk on the wild side just a wee bit more?

This oversized lapel design would certainly do the trick.

With a white/grey/brown finish, it is incredibly versatile, and I adore how voluminous it is.  At $37.94, it's twice the price of my treasured acquisition, but so completely worth it.

So be daring, be adventurous, and don't be afraid to mix things up this season - the smallest switch-up can completely change a beloved coat to a fresh piece you're really excited about wearing again.

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