Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Fall Bag Steals That Won't Break The Bank

I have a confession to make.  I have an addiction.  An itch I just can't scratch.  A craving that probably won't ever be sated.

And it all started with a certain Mr. Marc Jacobs in the early 2000's.  One fateful day I saw it - the bag of my dreams.  The Baby Devon Hobo bag, to be precise.  And I fell in love.  The buttery leather.  The large, brass zipper pulls.  Tiny and sweet but with a hard, motorcycle-chic edge.

One thing led to another and, a bit later, I had my second classic Marc Jacobs Mini-Stam purse.  A  navy blue Celine doctor's bag.  A silver and gold snakeskin Rebecca Minkoff Cover carry-all.  And the list goes on.

While I'll always have an affair of the heart with Mr. Jacobs, a destitute future just ain't my thang.  And, anyway, most of these delights were milestone gifts so thoughtfully purchased by loved ones, or steals snatched up during soldes in Paris many moons ago. 

So, how do I get my fix these days?  Luckily, there are so many fabulous, affordable designs to be giddy about!

One of my favorites lately is Mod Cloth's Pretty Parlor bag.  And, boy, does it live up to its name - the juxtaposition of teal, coral and white, with dainty perforated edges and jaunty tassels - just gorgeous.  And, at under $70, and vegan to boot, it's a wonderful lady-like selection.

Another winner?  Chictopia's Color Me Happy Nila Anthony purse.  I love Nila's irreverent designs, and this gem is no exception - a frenetic, modern take on a classic chain strap style, with black and white stripes competing against splashes of pink and blue.  Bold, fun, and such a keeper at only $38!

I am also loving the Fossil vintage re-issue cross body bags.  While they come in a number of colors and fabrics, I am obsessed with this rich brown, woven style.  The chunky key is quaint, and the size of the bag makes it a perfect everyday option.  A bit pricier than my other finds at $142, but other patterns are as low as $125.  For a timeless, leather piece you will have for ages, you simply can't go wrong.

But my absolute favorite steal?  Asos' Scallop Edge Across Body Satchel in lilac.  I scooped this one up in the Spring as a substitute for See by Chloe's Poya Scalloped Doctor's bag, which I had, of course, been stalking online for ages.  At less than $35, it is a darn good knockoff and, as always, I love Asos' free shipping/return policy.  After many months of use, I still adore it - and Bones even so sweetly surprised me with the real deal in baby blue for my 30th birthday!  While my bag is sadly no longer available on the site, Asos always features trendy, stylish and (dare I say?) cheap accessories that fit any budget.

Remember, there are scads of spot-on designer inspired selections out there alongside original, eye-catching options.  Which just means that instead of that real Marc Jacobs bag that costs you a few weeks salary...well, you can have a different bag to match all your outfits instead!

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