Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Summer Eye Candy: Focus on Forever 21

I am a firm believer that accessories make an outfit.  A plain, old tee and jeans can be completely transformed by a statement necklace and fun shoes.  And what better way to update your seasonal look on a budget than scooping up some of-the-moment pieces for less?

My go-to is always Forever 21.  For every major jewelry trend, F21 has their own version - and it's guaranteed to be stupid cheap.  The online site is the only way to go, as their stores tend to be a disorganized hodgepodge reflecting only a fraction of their website's wares.

Some items I snagged to bring my 2012 summer wardrobe up to date?

I love, love, love the look of the tribal bib necklace - the level of detail on each charm is sick, and I'm really excited to try a shorter necklace since most of my pieces are 30+ inches.

I also love the shattered cuff since I still get very weird about wearing gold and silver together (it always seems like a faux pas to old-fashioned me, like the other now-appropriate fashion combination of black and brown).  I scooped up two that I plan to wear stacked on one wrist, and will mix metals, too, in my ring/earring choices.

One of my favorite pieces?  The chain necklace with pearls.  I debated this one for a bit due to the almost $13 price tag (still affordable, but, really, Forever 21?), and absolutely adore it in person.  I already got to try it out with a black, batwing Dries Van Noten tee (thank you, Beacon's Closet), fuchsia skinny jeans, and a moonstone Rings Eclectic piece, and it totally tied the look together - edgy + sweet.

And who doesn't love a cheery, yellow necklace?

Still on my radar? These two filigree clamper bracelets.  Rhinestone encrusted items can be hit or miss, but these seem just too perfect to pass up.

Forever 21 is just one of my many online haunts - where do you find the best accessory scores?

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Pointed tribal bib necklace, Forever21.com
Marbled bead necklace, Forever21.com
Shattered cuff, Forever 21.com
Chains & pearlescent necklace, Forever21.com
Filigree hinge bracelet, Forever21.com
Filigree pearlescent hinge bracelet, Forever21.com

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