Friday, November 11, 2011

Your Peepers Will Thank You, You Half-Blind Hipster

I've been slightly obsessed with Warby Parker, the vintage-chic online glasses emporium, for some time.  Because where else in the world can you get unique, fun glasses, including prescription lenses, for $95? 

I snatched up the Fillmore in Tennessee Whiskey about a year ago, and have gotten an outrageous number of compliments on them.


(yes, that is a red velvet twinkie sundae, courtesy of Farmacy, Brooklyn, NY)

They recently reimagined their entire website, offering a new sunglasses line, some crazy new models, and, best of all, allowing you to try on up to five pairs in the privacy of your own home.  For free.  At home.   

Also ridiculously neat: if you can't find five pairs and, say, are only curious about 2 specs, the company will send you another 3 selections they think might tickle your fancy.

Is this the new wave of [im]personal shopping?

Eager to test this out, I just 'ordered' a few pairs for my friends and I to have a lady living room fashion party [of course, I just had a similar type of slumber party last week at which we tried on baubles and played with makeup until 4AM - let me tell you, it proved to be an excellent regressive exercise].

The Griffin in revolver black intrigues me, as do the Begley whiskey tortoise frames.

Griffin, in revolver black

Begley, in midnight blue
My choices are set to come in a few days.  So hooked!



  1. I can't wait for my next optometrist appointment! I know I need a new reading glass prescription!

  2. I found another of these sites - $88 for vintage frames:

    Not sure how they stack up to my beloved WP, though!