Saturday, November 26, 2011

Gold Foil Wonderland

Scooping up the perfect Christmas present can be kind of overwhelming, so very much so on these last all consuming-of-consumer weekends.  Perusing the web in the hopes of avoiding the crazed 'Black Friday' shopper spray of pepper, I was overcome in a quite different way - by stunning, stunning jewels.

The oldest form of jewelry making in India, kundan (pure gold) is a method of stone setting in which gold foils or detailed enamel designs are placed behind the gem prior to mounting.  The result is a bewitching, extravagant affair, with pieces more glittery and grandiose than the next. 

Type in 'kundan' on EBay alone, and find an assortment of ornate treasures.

Oddly enough, I ended up snatching up the least ostentatious of items for my grams - a collector of elephants, I couldn't say no to this burnished gold elephant bangle for her.

And, ok, maybe an ounce of glamour for myself in the process...

Necklace & earring set,; seller artjewels1954
Bracelet,; seller aria.jewels
Earrings,; seller thethirdi
Necklace & earring set,; seller indiatrend
Earrings,; seller teriot_diva_fashions
Necklace & earring set,; seller aria.jewels

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