Monday, November 21, 2011

The Newest Covet: November 21, 2011

Fashion has always been a very fanciful realm for me.  In a long meeting?  I’ll dream of the latest Mackage winter coat showings.  Can’t seem to fall asleep?  I count outfits in my head, not sheep.

My latest faux excess?  The very appropriately named silver snake embossed covet bag from Rebecca Minkoff.

Always a fan of her designs, I recently started taking note of them again after one of my favorite people acquired a riff on her circle quilt swing purse (shown here in raspberry).  I loved the beribboned chain handles, and the clever use of studs to update such an iconic design.

The covet bag is similarly vintage inspired, with a wonderfully ladylike structure.  And the gorgeous metallic sheen is so well done – snakeskin can be so very hard to duplicate realistically, but Minkoff’s interpretation is Devi Kroell perfect at a fraction of the price (and more environmentally conscious to boot).

At $450, it’s a splurge.  Perhaps Santa will be especially kind to me this year.

A girl can dream, can’t she?


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