Thursday, September 29, 2011

Everything Old is New Again

Tragedy yesterday - one of my favorite rings, a 'just because' present from Bones, snapped in two.  The perils of adjustable metal trinkets, I suppose, but nevertheless upsetting. 

Flash of genius (well...ok, actually a suggestion from said husband) - why not try to fashion a new ring out of the old?  So, whilst watching 'Rhinoceros' (Gene Wilder love), I attempted to 're-purpose' (thank you, 'Chopped', for my new pseudo-intellectual vocabulary) my ring.

One candy band, some Krazy Glue, and a lot of q-tip-in-nail-polish-remover-action later, the results.  A little more whimsical, but I think it will do the job swimmingly. 

And, bonus lesson learned: sometimes, you just have to listen to your man.

Candy band, vintage

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