Thursday, September 22, 2011

Out of the Water, Into the Wild

Often one of the most ethereal of design elements, paillettes are given a fresh reimagining in Prada’s striking 2011 Fall collection.

While normally reminiscent of the otherworldly play of color and movement found in a mermaid’s tail, these designs are uncharacteristically dramatic.  Modern cuts are enhanced by outrageous splashes of color, completely banishing all previously held notions about their ornamentation.

Toilette du soir taffeta, Raudnitz et Cie - white evening gown embroidered w silver paillettes

The resulting costumes are raw and glamorous, with just a dash of their former lady-like grace (take note of the amazing white gloves and plunging flapper neckline).

The play of similar hues is equally inspired - saffron fades into rust, which overlaps into an orange gold - and all is tied together with delightful cranberry accents.

While I'll always adore more traditionally girlish trappings, this novel approach is a must-try for the year ahead.

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