Monday, October 3, 2011

Weekend Pieces - 10.1.11 & 10.2.11

Betwixt a whiskey infused 'Simpsons' mini-marathon, a sewing-fest, and cooking aplenty, we managed to also get a dash of culture in this weekend.

First Saturday evening at Brooklyn Museum was pretty marvelous. Although the dance party left a bit to be desired (nothing worse than a packed dance floor minus the shimmying), a stroll upstairs to the galleries offered lots of little treasures.

Completely enthralled by 'Blossom,' part of Sanford Biggers 'Sweet Funk' introspective.  My mini dusk-dream - meandering through a verdant wood in a layered rose-colored chiffon dress.  Chancing upon a sylph's piano sprouting from a wise old oak.  Perching upon the antique bench, and getting lost in my haunting melodies.  Oh so 'Little, Big'.  Whilst standing there in wonder, the piano began to render a pure, delicately eerie strain. Blissful at finding this little fable.

'Blossom, Lotus' by the same artist.  Connecting religious themes with the implications of slavery, the lotus petals, upon closer inspection, reveal the cramped conditions of eighteenth century trade ships.

The splashy skateboards really tickled me and, of course,  at the end of the night, I had to take a snap of Bones in his newly deconstructed jeans.  As I sewed creamy knit buttons onto a newly acquired grey, vintage puff-sleeved leather jacket, he toiled over a beloved pair of holey jeans and an old Brooklyn Giants patch.

Charms, silliness and curiousities - such a very welcoming weekend.

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