Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The World at Your Feet – Adornments on a Budget

My working-class upbringing has instilled a deep-seated (some would say positively ‘cheap’) thriftiness in me – the almost-always incapability of spending more than $10 or $20 on a component of my day’s look.  With the panoply of thrift shops around, not to mention retail chains that are getting more cost-conscious, really great pieces have been popping up for Fall.

I have been obsessing over Payless Shoes the last few months.  Their most recent line is hitting all the right notes – bold colors and girlish details abound.

I acquired the chelsea flats (above) in this rich red color.  They have looked fantastic styled with my black and white polka dot dress this summer , and I will surely be wearing them with black tights all winter long for a pop of cheery color.

I have been in a 'will she or won't she?' tangle with these brandy bow leopard print flats for a month now.  I am loving the mix of leopard with such a brash, big red bow (one of my outfit requirements, of course).  But I really don't own much leopard print?  Those 'in the know' always indicate that a splash of a wild pattern is best for trend-testing for the uninitiated (i.e., a leopard print scarf, shoe, bag, as opposed to a full-fledged dress commitment).  So for all those daring, I say these are a great, playful starter.

And these?  These komet platform pumps are my fantasy shoe option.  The color is so rich and velvety, and I love the idea of them with other jewel-tone accessories.  Normally, I'm a flats girl, through and through.  But these might just put a newfound spring in my step for 2012!

All shoes,

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