Monday, October 10, 2011

Weekend Pieces - 10.8.11 & 10.9.11

A weekend full of unexpected adventures with friends, we started off our journey at Hop Devil, one of our favorite East Village pubs. Boasting 20+ taps, and a half-off everything happy hour, I got a little carried away with the holiday-themed varieties. But does a pumpkin beer ever really satisfy? Always the flavored-anything optimist I, of course, had to try, but the Chelsea Black Hole XXX Stout fared far better in palate pleasing.

Post beer sampling, we headed uptown to Szechuan Gourmet, an amazing, spicy dream on a little side street near the library.  Mouth-numbing dan dan noodles minus the pork, a garlic-soaked eggplant dish, veggie chow fun, and a fresh, buttery three mushroom platter later, and we all left completely fat and happy.

Saturday was a group celebration for our dear friend Will, so we headed out to Noorman's Kil, a spot in Williamsburg combining his favorites - whiskey and grilled cheese.

The space just opened six or so weeks ago, and showcases a ridiculously comprehensive assortment of whiskeys, scotches and bourbons from all over the world.  Somewhat new to the spirits game, I jumped in headfirst, sampling Laphroaig 10 yr, Amrut Fusion (Indian whiskey!), and some Hudson single malt, all the while sipping under a darling grape arbor. 

I also had to tackle the sandwich list - my lady friend and I shared a delicate selection combining nutella, ricotta, and fruit preserves on sourdough bread (and, of course, I got to snatch some bites of the groups' more savory choices).  The food was beyond tasty, and at prices less than $6, I suspect this will soon be a neighborhood staple.

Whiskey, of course, brought with it the fine idea of making shadow bunnies.


Maybe a little too carried away with the bunnies.


Sunday is usually my lazy day, so in between trying to find a previously-not-seen-but-still-awesome horror movie (denied!) and some errands, we decided to explore our area with Betty.

I kind of fell in love with Franklin Avenue.  Colorful buildings, organic markets, vintage street sellers, and the cutest local, fair-trade shop called Owl & Thistle General Store (Christmas list - complete).  I am pretty smitten with the idea of moving over a neighborhood once the lease is up, and I have a feeling we can find a spectacular 2 bedroom since it's even further away from the ever-looming stadium.

Another weekend draws to a close, and so begins another week in love with Brooklyn, friends, food and life.

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