Tuesday, March 13, 2012

If You Like It, Put a Bird On It!

The last few months have been joyously hectic; lots of excitement with heaping doses of that I-just-need-to-GET-OUT-OF-HERE-NOW-ness.  Oh yes, that wonderfully awful task of moving.

Bones and I left Brooklyn unexpectedly, and now reside in Upper Manhattan.  Which does put an end to (at least spontaneous) Beacon's Closet missions - but also refocused me on my somewhat style-neglected home.

But how to spiff up your abode on a budget without resorting to the standard, boring Ikea fare?

I first began scouring Craigslist.  But bed bug fears?  Idea swiftly squashed.

Of course there's Amazon - and I did truly appreciate the fact that every practical item I sought could always be found on their site (like this neat rolling laundry cart - because I finally have an elevator!)

Decorations, though?  On to Worldmarket.com!

We need a soap dish for the bathroom?  No problem - this one has a bird on it!  Fanciful, yes, but also deliciously evocative of my colored skinny jeans wearing compatriots ever roaming the streets of Brooklyn.  A moment of silence as they bike onwards to the next new tapas bar.

Curtains were a bit more perplexing - I scoured Overstock, Target, random little shops...nothing felt right until I saw Worldmarket's lyrical branches curtains.  And even more delightful - when I sent a series of curtain links to Bones for pre-purchase perusal, he also selected them as his favorite.  Although, they were the first link on the list...

A few towels and coordinating accessories later, and onto the bedroom!  After 6 yrs of living like college students, we finally got a mattress.  Just about the most amazingly comfortable mattress from Healthy Choice - and, somehow, even organic.  Apparently, it will be here in three weeks, and I am ever counting down the sleepless nights.  So, of course, after some prodding by my lovely friend, I chose the bedding I really ached for in the hopes it will complement the sea green blue and bronze thang we currently have going on.

With my hunt now drawing to a close, am I decidedly done?  Well, not quite...

The next task?  Trying to replicate this $399 piece of wall art with said dear friend using materials costing under $40.

Arts and crafts time!

Seville Classics laundry sorter, Amazon.com
Soap dish, Worldmarket.com
Lyrical branches curtains, Worldmarket.com
Casbah Turkish towels, Worldmarket.com
Peacock dispenser, Worldmarket.com
Cherry blossom duvet set, Overstock.com
Lace pattern wall art, Brocadehome.com

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